Baby Motion: Parent & Baby Classes


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Learn, Hands On, How to Help Your Baby Develop

Caregiver and baby infant development classes, will give participants opportunity for hands on learning,  on how to help their baby develop their motor skills. All classes will be customized based on the developmental level of babies enrolled in the class.  Focus is on skills your baby will be learning next, not the age of the baby. 


Parent Education

A component of each class will be parent/caregiver education. Some Examples of educational topics include:

- choosing the right toys

- use of baby equipment

- baby proofing

- simple baby sign language

- fine motor play

-sensory play

- baby wearing

- common household items as toys 


Baby Motion Classes

What Will I Learn In Each Class:

Tummy Time: 

- How to encourage tummy time play

- Teach my baby to roll

- Tips for holding my baby in positions to strengthen muscles

Sitting & Crawling:

- How to encourage my baby to come to sit themselves

- How to encourage sitting, and crawling

- Learn how to strengthen my baby's muscles needed for crawling

- Tips for positioning for play

Let's Get Walking:

- How to encourage standing, cruising, and walking

- Help my baby develop balance