How can we help you?

How can we help you?

How can we help you? How can we help you? How can we help you?

Are you concerned about your child's development? 


Do you need help including kids of varying ability levels in your program?


Are you interested in Baby Motion Classes? 

What Motion Matters can do for you?


Are you a parent concerned about your baby's or child's development?

If you have a concern about your baby's or child's development, a physical therapist will come out to your home.  They will talk to you about your concerns and assess your child's development. 

 Some examples of concerns:

- your baby is not sitting 

- your baby is not crawling

-  your baby keeps their head turned to one side

- your toddler is not walking

- your child falls often 

- your child has trouble maintaining  their balance 

- your child has difficulty playing sports with their friends 

 If it is determined that your child needs physical therapy,  we provide  Physical Therapy services in your home. 

Physical therapy services for your child are provided in the comfort of your home or in community setting.  Focus on family driven goals for your child.  We work on what is important for your child and family.  


Is your business looking to include children with varying ability levels? Are you a daycare or preschool that is trying to incorporate movement activities into academics? Does your staff need education on infant and child development?

Specialist in child and infant development, works closely with you and your staff, to help all children be successful in your program.  Our focus is:

 - Helping programs integrate children of different ability levels

- Provide strategies to successfully make your program accessible for all children

- Provide education for your staff on working with children of different ability levels. 

Movement is important for the health, development , and well being of all babies and children.  Unfortunately children today, are not getting enough movement in their day.  Research supports that movement can help children with learning, and to decrease risk of obesity. 

We provide guidance and consultation services to help infant and child programs incorporate movement into academic activities, in a sensory rich environment. 

How  we can help:

- Provide strategies  to incorporate movement activities into academic activities

- Provide guidelines for thematic based gross motor and fine motor activities

- Develop programs and  collaborate to develop curriculum that incorporate movement into learning activities. Programs can be individualized for teachers, community based programs, preschool, or daycare providers. 


Are you a parent looking to connect with other parents, while learning how to help your baby develop?

Baby Motion is customized classes for caregivers and babies.  All classes are facilitated by a child developmental specialist, with an educational background in physical therapy.  Through hands on involvement, learn how to help you baby's development. 


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